Interview Series

In this series, I will interview Japanese people of various backgrounds – both Japanese nationals and diaspora Japanese – about a range of topics pertaining to Japanese culture. (And by range of topics, I mean things about Japanese culture that interest me personally, since I’ll be interviewing myself for each topic as well.)

I started this series because I want to know more about what my Japanese relatives, friends, and acquaintances think of specific aspects of Japanese culture. It is mostly for my own benefit, but I decided to make it a blog feature because I think some of the topics will be of interest to the people I interact with on social media.

Keep in mind, the opinions expressed in the interviews represent only those of each interviewee, unless otherwise stated. This series should not be interpreted as any kind of definitive or “authentic” presentation of Japanese culture. In fact, as the interviews progress, there will doubtless be interviewees whose opinions contradict one another.

Below is some useful information about the interviews, which I strongly recommend reading before reading an actual interview post.

Interview guidelines:

  • Interviewees will be identified by the initials of their first and last names, unless they ask for a more specific identification.
    • When interviewing myself, the respondent will be written as, “Me.”
  • Interviewees will indicate the type of Japanese identity with which they identify, i.e. Japanese, Japanese national, Japanese American, diaspora Japanese, etc. There is no rule regarding how interviewees self-identify as Japanese; in other words, interviewees are welcome to use whatever terminology they wish, with whatever definition they wish.
  • Interviewees will be given the choice of having their answers posted verbatim on the blog or edited/paraphrased by me before posting.
    • If interviewees choose to have their answers edited or paraphrased by me, I will only do so for clarity. I have no intent of changing the content of anyone’s answers. Interviewees will have the option to review and revise all edited/paraphrased answers before they are posted.
  • Each interviewee will answer the same set of questions for each topic.
  • Interviewees are free to skip questions in any given interview. If this occurs, I will write, “Declined to respond” in the answer space below the question.
  • Interviewees are not obligated to participate in every interview in the series.
  • Interviewees’ opinions are their own, unless otherwise stated.

Topics are chosen per the following criteria:

  • Related to Japanese culture
  • I find it interesting
  • I think I can find interviewees who also find it intersting
  • I do not accept requests for topics from anyone except interviewees

Interviewee selection:

  • I will be requesting interviews from my Japanese relatives, friends, and acquaintances
  • If you are Japanese and you want to be an interviewee, please chat me on Twitter (@nogithewriter) or email me (nogithewriter (at) gmail (dot) com) to discuss it.
  • I will not be interviewing any non-Japanese in this series. No exceptions.