A few updates

Reading – Currently finishing up my October reads. I hope to have a Reading Update posted in mid-November, but I might just skip to the December update depending on time.

Blogging – Downtime at the day job was my main time for writing blog posts. Since things have gotten busier at work, I’m finding less opportunity to draft posts, but I’m not as upset about this as I might otherwise be because…take a look at the next thing!

New projects – I’m collaborating with another writer to create an Asian writers’ group! Specifically, it will be a space for Asian writers telling stories informed by our own cultural identities and experiences. It will NOT be a space for non-Asians seeking to tell “Asian” stories. We are currently drafting website content and ironing out various administrative kinks, with the expectation of launching by the end of 2016.

That’s about it for now. If you’re interested in joining our writers’ group, keep an eye on Twitter in the coming months for an official announcement!