New to the party

Hi, Nicole Nogi here. I’m an aspiring (read: not yet agented, not yet published) author with opinions on writing, race, representation, and other topics. Below are a couple things that interest me. I’ll probably write about them in the future.

  • Art
  • Being diaspora Japanese
  • Being short
  • Books
  • Colonialism
  • Education
  • Imperialism
  • Intersectionality
  • Japan is not a monolith
  • Languages
  • Racism
  • Reading
  • Representations of nonwhite peoples and cultures in writing
  • Researching peoples and cultures outside of your own
  • Writing

If one or more of the above topics interests you, check out the Resources page. If you don’t see a topic of interest above, check out the Resources page anyway – I collect a lot of information on topics I don’t necessarily write about, so you might still find something good. Thanks for stopping by! またね!