FAQs updated!

I have now updated my FAQs (Frequently Awkward Questions) page! Check it out for the musings and experiences of one short Japanese female writer.


New to the party

Hi, Nicole Nogi here. I’m an aspiring (read: not yet agented, not yet published) author with opinions on writing, race, representation, and other topics. Below are a couple things that interest me. I’ll probably write about them in the future.

  • Art
  • Being diaspora Japanese
  • Being short
  • Books
  • Colonialism
  • Education
  • Imperialism
  • Intersectionality
  • Japan is not a monolith
  • Languages
  • Racism
  • Reading
  • Representations of nonwhite peoples and cultures in writing
  • Researching peoples and cultures outside of your own
  • Writing

If one or more of the above topics interests you, check out the Resources page. If you don’t see a topic of interest above, check out the Resources page anyway – I collect a lot of information on topics I don’t necessarily write about, so you might still find something good. Thanks for stopping by! またね!